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Ivy Lane School

Ivy Lane School

Staff and Governors



Ivy Lane staff

Teachers 2017/18

Mr C Cannings
Mr S Rafferty
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs D Schonfeld
Assistant Headteacher & Y4 Hughes Class

Mrs L Kay
YR Carle Class

Mrs V Morley
YR Carle Class

Miss L Barrass
YR Rosen Class
Picture coming soon!

Miss D Butcher
Y1 Donaldson Class
Mrs J Stenning
Y1 Hargreaves Class
Mrs J Reynolds
Y1 Hargreaves Class
Picture coming soon!

Mrs K Watson
Y2 Dahl Class
Miss L Gibbens
Y2 Milligan Class

Mr J Faulkner
Y3 Griffiths Class
Mrs L Kalbskopf
Y3 Walliams Class
Mrs T Horan
Y3 Walliams Class
Picture coming soon! Picture coming soon!

Miss R Spooner

Y4 Morpurgo class

Mrs C Storey

Y5 Byars Class

Mr J MacMahon
Y5 Pullman Class

Picture coming soon!  
Mr A Prosser
Y6 Lewis Class

Miss A Readman
Y6 Rowling Class


Mrs H Fahey
Reading Intervention
Mrs L Phillips

Teaching Assistants (TA)

Mrs K Bottomley - TA Mrs L Fewtrell - TA Mrs J Geeves - TA
Mrs R Gough - TA Miss C Harding - TA Mrs R Hayes - TA

Mrs C Whiston - TA Mrs S Monaghan - TA Mrs P Morgan - TA

Mrs C Tiller - TA Ms C Pemberton - TA Mrs C Spyer - TA

Mrs M Pratt - TA Mrs L Trim - TA Mrs S Love - TA
Mr C Graham-May - TA Mrs J Sheppard - TA Mrs N Metcalfe - TA
  Mrs E Ward - TA  

Mrs M Merry
Class Cover
Mr P Harvey
Sports Coach
Mrs B Tottle
Pastoral Manager
Picture coming soon
Mrs S Griffin
Mrs A Bunker
Finance Officer
Mrs K Nowosielski
Admin Officer
Mrs L Harris

Mrs Sarnargo-Orchard         Teacher admin



The Governing Body operates 2 sub-committees (Finance, Site and Health & Safety / Curriculum & Standards and Personnel, Staffing & Policy), as well as a number of standing committees (Pay Panel / Headteacher Performance / Discipline & Grievance / Exclusions).


Both sub-committes meet approximately every 8-weeks, followed by a Full Governing Body meeting. Standing committees only meet when they are needed to fulfil their function or when the occasion arises.


Should you wish to discuss the possibility of joining the Governing Body, please do not hesitate to contact our Chair of Governors, Mrs Ros Darby, by leaving a message for her at the school office on: 01249 652556. Alternatively, please e-mail the Clerk to Governors (this e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it) indicating your interet. Similarly, many of us are in school on a very regular basis, often collecting our own children, so do not hesitate to come and talk to us should there be any subject you wish to discuss.



 Ros Darby


 Paul Vincent


 Kara McAveety


 Claire Pemberton


 Jenny Budgell


 Anna Gunton


 Julie Rogers


 Anne Strand


 Rob Ward

 Vice Chair

 Chris Cannings


The images below can be opened in PDF format by clicking the relevent report links at the bottom of this page:


Governor Attendance 2016/17