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Ivy Lane School

Ivy Lane School

Y6 Residential at Hooke Court

Day One

The coach arrived safely this afternoon, the children have eaten their lunch, and have all unpacked and settled into their rooms.  For our afternoon activity, we are now having a wander through the town and onto Llansteffan castle for orienteering.  The sun has come out and the temperature is rising.  Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves on our first day.

Day Two

After a good night's sleep (eventually!) all the children have enjoyed a warm and sunny day trekking along the coast on a 3 hour hike this morning. Clambering over rocks, exploring caves and climbing steep banks. This afternoon involved some boat building before dinner and then some evening activities involving a stroll to the castle and some fun with blind folds. All children are certainly ready for a good night's sleep tonight ahead of another sunny day tomorrow.

Day Three

After crashing into bed on Wednesday night, the children rose to a beautiful day. We all headed to the beach and spent the morning in the rock pools hunting for crabs and taking a dip. The afternoon was spent building dens in the woods and the day was topped off with a BBQ party and a camp fire talent show on the beach.