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At Ivy Lane our music lessons largely follows the Charanga Music school scheme which is an online resource. This provides activities which are current, creative, fun and inspiring. However, where possible we integrate musical knowledge and skills into our thematic teaching. This often gives children the opportunity to make and use instruments creatively to develop a contextual understanding of their Theme.

Music and singing are encouraged in all classes throughout the school. This is successfully implemented through whole school assemblies, visiting workshops and regular music lessons.

The Key Stage 2 choir performs in many events during the school year, including the annual school concert where we encourage as many young musicians to perform as possible.

In Year 3 our children have the opportunity to learn the ukulele alongside their peers and in Year 4 they learn the recorder as a class. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children and they really enjoy performing together at the end of the block of lessons!  Year 5 children are given the opportunity to perform at the annual Young Voices event which normally takes place in January.

There is also the opportunity for children to have private music lessons within the school where visiting teachers teach woodwind, guitar, drumming and piano.  For more information on music lessons please click on the link below.


  • Explore and control sounds.
  • Perform with others.
  • Compose in response to a variety of stimuli.
  • Communicate musical ideas.
  • Respond to and reflect on music.

This is achieved through activities such as:

  • Experiencing different genres of music through the Charanga scheme
  • Listening to the work of famous musicians and critically appraising it.
  • Whole school singing assemblies.
  • Music played at the start and end of assemblies gives children opportunity to learn about famous composers and their style.
  • Children use a wide variety of resources, including tuned and un-tuned percussion from various cultures, electronic keyboards and the children’s own instruments. All children are shown how to use instruments correctly and taught the value of them.
  • Opportunities to improvise and compose music for a range of purposes and perform them to other areas of the school. 
  • Making cross curricular links to other areas of the curriculum to support children’s contextual understanding. 


In Early Years, music is related to ‘Expressive Art and Design’ as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and it is about the children having opportunities to sing songs, make music and dance, and experiment with ways of changing them. They represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role play and stories.


In Key Stage 1, music lessons are delivered entirely by the class teachers using the Charanga programme. This ensures a balanced curriculum encompassing composition, performing and listening and appraising. This also supports the children with composition, notation and improvisation when they get to Key Stage 2. 


In Key Stage 2, music is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to different genres of music and instruments, intertwined with a developed understanding of notation. Pupils will begin to improvise around different notes or using different styles and develop this into their own compositions. By the time pupils reach the end of Year 6, they should have a clear understanding of the history of music and be able to critically appraise pieces of work that they listen to. They should also have a good understanding of musical composition, organising and manipulating ideas within musical structures and reproducing sounds from aural memory

 music lessons

We have 3 peripatetic music teachers who visit the school each week teaching our children a variety of musical instruments. Learning a musical instrument at an early age gives children terrific opportunities to develop musical skills, improve their confidence by performing in front of others and build social skills by rehearsing and performing as an ensemble. The lessons currently on offer at Ivy Lane:

Although we don't currently have any children doing Brass lessons, if there is interest we will look at providing a tutor. So please let the school office know if you would be interested on: 01249 652 556 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Lessons are offered on an individual or shared basis and if your child is interested in learning an instrument or continuing with their current lessons, then please contact the individual teachers below, who will be able to send you further information.

Support towards tuition costs.
There are substantial subsidies available to help support towards tuition costs. Please click here to read the leaflet for further information or discuss with your music teacher whether you may qualify.

Should you wish to hire an instrument or receive a subsidy on the cost of lessons, please contact the music teacher direct, See more information by clicking on the link below:

Direct e-mail links to music teachers:
Anglea Williams -
Iain Kirman - (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it).
Joe de Berker -