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Ivy Lane School

Ivy Lane School


 At Ivy Lane, we constantly strive to make PE inclusive to all students and provide a range of opportunities in different activities. All staff are focussed on using and developing physical literacy skills that progress through key stages and year groups building towards lifelong participation in sport. Our PE subject leader also constantly ensure that teachers have access to resources and CPD opportunities to develop their ability to teach and assist with leading PE.


At Ivy Lane, PE involves focussing on two aspects – ‘Early Physical literacy skills’ and ‘Developing the Athlete’.

Early Physical literacy skills involves:

Fundamentals of movement: Fundamental sport skills:
  • Agility, balance, co-ordination.
  • Travelling, jumping, sending, receiving, striking.
  • Invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding, athletic activity, gymnastics, creative movement.

 Developing the Athlete involves:

Providing students with opportunities to develop as athletes through: Providing students with further inspiration through:

· Problem solving

· Teamwork

· Officiating

· Outdoor learning

· Tactical awareness

· External competition opportunities

· Role models in and outside of school

· Responsibility opportunities

· Healthy competition in and outside of sport

· Local knowledge of where to sign post for further information or clubs.

· Involvement in high quality festivals and competitions

· Awareness of mental health issues

· Developing character through sport

This is achieved through activities such as:

  • Weekly PE lessons focussed on either Early Physical literary skills or Developing the Athlete
  • External coaches regularly in school to teach blocks of Cricket or Gymnastics in Key Stage 1
  • Blocks of swimming lessons in the Olympiad in Key Stage 2
  • Specialist PE staff teaching across KS1 and 2.
  • After school clubs offering a range of different sports
  • Taking part in a variety of sporting events in school and around Chippenham


In Early Years, PE focusses on developing control and co-ordination in large and small movements. Through our Trim Trail and Huff and Puff activities children learn to move confidently in a range of ways and safely negotiate space.


In Key Stage 1, children continue to develop fundamental movement skills so that they become increasingly competent and confident and start to challenge this through a broad range of activities individually and with others. At Ivy Lane, Key Stage 1 children are offered opportunities to engage in competitive and co-operative physical activities.


In Key Stage 2, children continue to develop the skills they learnt in Key Stage 1 and start to apply these in different ways and link them to make sequences of movement. Team building becomes a bigger part of PE in Key Stage 2 and it supports children to enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other. Alongside this, they start to understand how to improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.



Increased Participation Curriculum & Non-Curriculum Activities.
Sport has always been at the heart of Ivy Lane School. The introduction of Real PE, a fundamental skills based scheme, has allowed transferable skills to be taught throughout the curriculum along with traditional sports. Outside the curriculum we offer at least 14 sports clubs across the school year, which are available to all children throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. These clubs are run by teachers and are always a very popular element of Ivy Lane life.

Participation and success in competitive school sports.
Healthy competition is embedded within the ethos of sport at Ivy Lane School. Intra school competitions include house football and netball competition days along with the traditional sports day. Furthermore Ivy Lane enters a variety of inter school competitions throughout the year covering a range of popular sports.

Partnerships with other schools and organisations.
A strong relationship between Ivy Lane and the other surrounding schools is further developed through membership of the Chippenham Partnership of schools. Regular meetings are held to develop a range of activities and sporting events for all children across Chippenham. Many children at Ivy Lane have benefited from attending these events, which look to not only support the development of sport but also maintain and promote healthy lifestyle choices in life.


At Ivy Lane School our cohorts from Year 3 and 4 are offered swimming lessons to work through the National Curriculum targets. 

Currently, 74% of our Year 6 children are able to use a range of strokes effectively including front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.  70% can competently, confidently and proficiently swim 25m unaided and 38% are able to perform self-rescue in different water based situations.