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Ivy Lane School

Ivy Lane School

Reading Key Skills

Please see our reading key skills and ideas for questions below.

Read it

Examples of Questions

Please read aloud…

Perform this poem…

Ideas of for the Activity

Sharing a book!

Learning a poem…

Understand it

Examples of Questions

Tick the word closest in meaning to…

How has the author proved that the creatures are full of Resentment?

Ideas for the Activity

What could the blank be?

Make a dictionary…

Find it

Examples of Questions

What year was the space shuttle first launched?

What words and phrases are used to describe the snakes?

Find and Copy a word/phase/sentence…

Ideas for the Activity

Skim and Scan races

Word searches


Think about it

Examples of Questions

What is the King feeling as he turns his daughter to gold?

Why did the little girl choose not to go into the cave?

Ideas for the Activity

Act out the emotion…

Hot seating…

Look at the picture, what is the emotion…

Predict it

Examples of Questions

What do you think will happen next to the explorers?

Use the evidence in the text to help you explain your answer.

Ideas for the Activity

What happens next clips?

Children write their own what happens next clip with clues. 

Respond to it

Examples of Questions

What affect to the words ‘small and frail’ have on the reader’s feelings towards the snail?

Ideas for the Activity

Pick a sentence – e.g. the tiny girl stood on the platform… Change the words. 

Compare it

Examples of Questions

How did Jack’s mood change from the start of the chapter to the end of the chapter?

How is the atmosphere in the shop different to the atmosphere on the street?

Ideas for the Activity

Picture spot the difference. 

Text spot the difference…

Summarise It

Examples of Questions

Put the events of the story in order. 

Summarise the main point of this speech so that others could understand what it was about…

Ideas for the Activity

Act out the story from pictures. 

Order the pictures. 

Given facts out of order. 

Sort which are relevant. 

Link it

Examples of Questions

How is this story similar to other texts you have read? 

What themes can you spot in this story?

Ideas for the Activity

Group discussions once you have read a book. 

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