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Ivy Lane School

Ivy Lane School

Staff and Governors



Ivy Lane staff

Teachers 2019/20




Mrs H Lammin
Head of School

 Mrs H Fahey
   Deputy Headteacher and Y4 Hughes Class

Mrs D Schonfeld
  Assistant Deputy Headteacher and Y5 Pullman Class 


Mrs L Kay
EYFS Leader and YR Carle Class

Mrs B Gunner
YR Carle Class

Miss L Barrass
EYFS Leader and YR Rosen Class

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Mrs L Rafferty
YR Rosen Class

Mrs E Addinell
Y1 Donaldson Class

Miss C Burrows
Y1 Hargreaves Class

Mrs G Poolman
 Y2 Dahl Class
Mrs J Reynolds
Assistant Deputy Headteacher and Y2 Dahl Class

Miss G Murray
Y2 Milligan Class

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Mrs A Boorman
Y3 Griffiths Class
Mrs T Horan
Y3 Walliams Class
Mrs G Bull
Y3 Walliams Class
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Miss C Walker
Y4 Hughes Class

Mr J Faulkner
Y4 Morpurgo Class

Mrs C Storey
Y5 Byars Class

Mrs N Metcalfe
Y5 Pullman Class

Mr J MacMahon
Y6 Lewis Class

Mr M Johns
Y6 Rowling Class



Mrs K Burton

Teaching Assistants (TA) & Support Staff

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Mrs K Bottomley - TA Mrs A Martin Miss K Heap - TA


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Mrs R Adams - TA Ms C Keogh - TA Mrs K Besant - TA

Mrs R Hayes - TA Mrs M Merry - TA Mrs S Monaghan - TA

Ms C Anker - TA Mrs M Pratt - TA Mrs A Sarnago-Orchard - TA

Mrs S Satchell - TA Mrs R Stevens - TA Mrs C Spyer - TA
  Photo to follow
Mrs E Ward - TA Mrs C Tiller - TA Mrs S Kane - TA

Mrs B Tottle
Pastoral Manager
Mr M Stott
Site Manager

School Dog

Mrs A Bunker
Finance Manager
Mrs K Nowosielski
Admin Officer
Mrs S Griffin
Admin Assistant
Mrs F Mounty

Mrs W Meadows
Assistant Cook

Mrs M Ralph
Catering Assistant


Miss L Milani
Catering Assistant

Mrs L Harris

Miss K Wilson




Mrs J McCracken






Full Governing Body meetings takes place 6 times per year.

 Standing committees only meet when they are needed to fulfil their function or when the occasion arises.

Click on the document below for full details of the Local Governing Body.

Clerk to Governors (this e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it) indicating your interest. Similarly, many of us are in school on a very regular basis, often collecting our own children, so do not hesitate to come and talk to us should there be any subject you wish to discuss.